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Semester One, 2011

Finally settled down, and Week 1 of Semester 1 ends tomorrow. Lectures have already started, eeks.

Grandpa ushering the year of the rabbit

This is a little bit belated but, here is a photo of my grandfather ushering in the year of the rabbit during my last night in Singapore.


It’s the year of the Rabbit!

Soon after I returned from my trip to Seoul, I came home to discover that the family went into full-fledge CNY (Chinese New Year) mode. The house had been tidied up, save for my luggage which they were waiting for my to return to clear up. A lot of my stuff weren’t in their usual places, I spent almost half a day trying to find my things.

Family 2011

This year’s CNY was an amusing one. It was the war of the tripods at my grandmother’s (Dad’s side) place. Every year, all my relatives come armed with their stylo-milo cameras. We only take full family pictures once a year, so it’s sorta like a big affair.

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I can explain the disappearence

There’s a reason why this place has been stagnant. And here’s a catch-up:

CNY Day 1

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