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Dim Sum Dollies

Went to watch the Dim Sum Dollies at the Esplanade with Kaye, Jasmine and Daniel. It was the opening night, and it was the night that Singapore won the bid for the Youth Olympics. Is it me, or is Singapore getting really crowded these days?

Anyway, the Dim Sum Dollies were really hilarious. It’s worth every single penny $38 (not including Sistic $2 Administrative charge) I paid for the ticket. Although the $38 is the cheapest ticket, the seats weren’t that bad. We may be the furthest away from the stage, but you can still the stage and the performers pretty clearly (you can still see Hossan Leong’s hilarious expressions).

From what I read from the leaflet they gave out regarding last night’s performance and the Dim Sum Dollies, this is already the 6th installment! And this time it’s about the History of Singapore. Hilarious, I laughed till I kept slapping my lap, rocked back and forth in my seat and moisten my eyes with tears. The jokes were really up-to-date with the recent happenings in Singapore (Formula One, Ring Fencing etc).

The script was clever-LEE (HAHAHA! Sorry inside joke, go watch to catch it!) written. Given the dialogues in the show, we were kinda wondering why it’s allowed. But then again, the dialogues never really refer to anyone particular. You have to know what’s going on a bit to catch they’re jokes. Read more newspapers before going. Heh.

India will take over all the call centres! China will take over manufacturing!


Sorry, I digress. Random lines from the show keeps popping up in my head.

The ending felt a little like National Day Parade with people waving the Singapore flag, National Day songs and stuff. But I guess it’s because the director did National Day before. Maybe he wasn’t satisfied with the small paragraph they dedicated to him on the leaflet (not big enough lah, director leh.), so he had to make it obvious with a mini fireworks and National Day songs (Singapura… oh Singapura… Sunny island… Set in the sea…). The only thing that was missing was the helicopter that would always fly past with the huge Singapore flag.

Every Singaporean should catch it.

Shall not blurt out any more lines from the show.

I’ll definitely catch another Dim Sum Dollies show. (:

I want to watch The Leap Years. I digress, I’m so random. Tsk.

(Still awaiting photos from Kaye.)