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Great Ocean Road with the family (Part 2)

The second day onwards of our journey was when we got to see the attractions of the GOR. Because the Great Ocean Road is such a popular route amongst tourists, the attractions were clearly marked with signs along the way. You don’t really need a GPS to  show you the way, just follow the signs.

The Grotto

The Grotto was the first place we visited. There is a pretty lookout to the ocean, and the majestic view of the waves crashing onto the cliffs. So while you’re up on the lookout, you can hear the loud crash of the waves. And then when you follow the steps down to where this keyhole rock pool is, it suddenly becomes so serene and peaceful.

The beautiful hues of the water

The Great Ocean Road attractions are rather straightforward. There’s this really long road that goes along the coast where all the attractions (The 12 apostles, the London arch etc) are. You just drive long this road and turn right every 3 minutes or so and stop to admire the rock formations.
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