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Into the rabbit hole

I stumbled upon Farm Gate Providore when the family was in Adelaide, but we were too full at the time to eat anything. So I didn’t get to try their lovely cakes and pastries which sat, taunting me, from a glass display.

Up front

There are two glass displays, one along the street just at the front of the shop and another one inside of the shop.

People watching

The decor outside gives off one of a quaint little cottage. Which was what drew me to it.
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Bicycle on the wall

Sash abandoned me for Sydney, just when I found out that I would be getting a break from uni afterall. So, I arranged to meet some friends. Plus, it would have been a pity to see such good weather go to waste.

At the Haus

I rallied up a group of friends to head over to Hahndorf with me to try out a cafe that I had stumbled upon whilst my mum and brother were here, but never got to try. The cafe turned out to be more of a dessert cafe, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So we ventured off to The Haus.

That bicycle on the wall

It was a lovely sunny day, and they had a lovely outside sitting area, but we decided to sit inside to avoid getting sun burn. The staff were patient and friendly, introducing the various items on the menu because we had trouble deciding what to get. Everything sounded good.
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