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10 days in Seoul!

The trip to Seoul was planned sometime in September 2010, and then the tickets were bought sometime in November. And then… North Korea fired shots and tension rose and the the trip to Seoul became an uncertain one. Thankfully, everything cooled down a little, so we decided to go ahead with the trip. When we got there, it seemed like nothing happened, life went on as usual.

We didn’t do much on our first day. Mainly because we all took different airlines to Korea, arrived at different times, so we pretty much ended up spending most of our time at the airport waiting for each other. By the time the last of us arrived, it was already evening, and by the time we got to our hotel, it was already dark and time for dinner. The hotel we stayed at was way better than we had expected, the price was pretty reasonable too (includes breakfast to your doorstep!), and I loved the floor heating.

Before the trip, Flo and I had a rough itinerary of what we were going to do for the first week (they were only there for a week, and I stayed on) The original itinerary was suppose to look like this:

21 Jan: latest to arrive at 1620 reach hotel about 1800
go for dinner at gwangjang market (Jongno-3-ga Station Exit 12).

22 Jan: 5 palace route – Namsam Tower  – Myeong dong

23 Jan: Sinsa-dong – Garaso gil – Hongdae

24 Jan: Namdaemun – Myeong dong – Dongdaemun

25 Jan: Ewha Uni – Sinchon (yonsei uni)

26 Jan: Samcheongdong – Insadong – Dongdaemun

27 Jan: Decide when we are in seoul, any places that we want to go or revisit.

28: earliest flight at around 3pm. incheon airport.

But… We obviously didn’t stick to it and it was changed as the trip went along. Haha.

While we were planning what to do, I insisted that we had to visit the old palaces, after a little bit of googling, we found this thing called the Palace route which takes you to about 5 different palaces. In the end we only visited one, Changdeokgung, which was the palace closest to where our hotel was. It was within walking distance!

Where the queen stayed

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Still in Seoul!

I am still in Seoul, Korea! And to fill up the space for now… Here’s a picture of me walking in snow.

Snow, snow, fluffy snow

That’s my foot, in a boot. My grey leggings, a tiny bit of my jacket and my camera strap. Hee.