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Mini burgers

Little Adelaide Burger Bar

I love discovering little gems that randomly just appear by wandering about Adelaide. Pretty sure that was how half of the Adelaide list was formed.

Gilles St market is one of the house’s favorite haunts. The girls and I, almost always try to make sure that we’re available to make a little excursion down. It’s one of our favourite places for second hand clothing. But the food section is always the first area we would head to before we began shopping.

It’s usually the same few food stalls, but once in a while a new stall would pop up. This time, the Little Adelaide Burger Bar popped up.

The menu

It was actually the big board that they used as a menu that caught my attention, and then the smell of burger patties cooking, and then the actual sight of the burgers. So far I’ve tried the Delux and Lamb burgers.

The first time we discovered the burger bar, Sash and I pretty much snagged up the last two burgers he had left. The guy at the grill told us that it was (at the time) their first time at the Gilles St market and wasn’t expecting such a good response. I take it was a sign that the burgers are good.

Apparently, Little Adelaide is actually a catering company. I gathered this from a stack of name cards they had by the counter. Yes, I make a good detective… I think.
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I know I am slow to join the fellow ranks of Instagrammers. But, but, but! I finally got myself an Instagram account after much pestering from my friends (i.e. peer pressure).

Spicy crab pasta. Bursting at the seams here. @gowiththeflo_chan #toomuchfood

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Okay, my Instagram feed isn’t all that exciting because I’ve only just started out. But oh well, I’ll slowly work on it.

So… uh… follow me on Instagram @enialeeee?

Happy belly!

What do you do when the food you want doesn’t come readily available at a store, food truck, restaurant or cafe? You stalk them online until you find out where they’ll be next. I’m sure we all have a friend who stalks people online, be it on Facebook or other social networking outlets. Well, I stalk pop-up food stalls and food trucks in Adelaide. Perhaps that would explain my lack of a social life? Oh wait, I have to have a social life in order to have people to stalk online. Right.

The Happy Motel pop-up booth

I’ve been eyeing The Happy Motel for a while. At first, I didn’t realise that they don’t actually have a fixed physical restaurant place. So I spent ages and ages combing through their website and Facebook page looking for their address and opening hours, only to realise much later – oh wait, they don’t have one. Oh. Now what? How am I going to get my little hands on their food? No! This is a disaster! The tragedy! Sob, sob. Cry, cry. Whine, whine. Boohoo. Life is so sad.

And then my internet stalking skills paid off. The Happy Motel was going to be at a Gourmet BBQ Festival at Rundle Park. Life is beautiful again!

Beef brisket bun

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The market that was


It was one of the few days that we had to ourselves, so Hills and I thought that we’d visit the Brickworks Market. We heard that it used to be the go-to place during the weekend. Unfortunately, time took its toll, and the place got old (literally) and business started to falter.

The place was obviously a far cry from its glory days. Only a small number of shops were left. Many of them have moved their businesses somewhere else. It was quiet and almost vacant. Whatever shops were left, were scattered around different areas of the relatively large piece of land. This made it seem quieter than it actually was.

The area with the most hustle and bustle, was where the fresh food stores were.

A poster store

Such a shame. The place had a lovely charm, a little bit of restoration might help bring back its heydays.

Bicycle on the wall

Sash abandoned me for Sydney, just when I found out that I would be getting a break from uni afterall. So, I arranged to meet some friends. Plus, it would have been a pity to see such good weather go to waste.

At the Haus

I rallied up a group of friends to head over to Hahndorf with me to try out a cafe that I had stumbled upon whilst my mum and brother were here, but never got to try. The cafe turned out to be more of a dessert cafe, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So we ventured off to The Haus.

That bicycle on the wall

It was a lovely sunny day, and they had a lovely outside sitting area, but we decided to sit inside to avoid getting sun burn. The staff were patient and friendly, introducing the various items on the menu because we had trouble deciding what to get. Everything sounded good.
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If you can get over the smell

It was a last minute late night decision. And with many impromptu decisions that we have made to head out for dessert somewhere. Usually there is a wealth of dessert places open at night in Adelaide from Wednesday night onwards, not so much on Monday and Tuesday nights. The night we decided to meet up for desserts was, unfortunately, on a Monday night.

After some googling and discussion, we decided on The Second Floor Lounge. Durian lovers in Adelaide, this is the place for you. Their most popular desserts on the menu were obviously their durian ones, according to the guy who weas serving us. So much for a place specialising in durian desserts, out of the four of us, only one person was a durian eater. The rest of us heard ‘Durian?’, CRINGE. No thanks.

Pandan waffle, vanilla ice cream and strawberries

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Chocolate heaven

Welcome to chocolate heaven

Simple and minimalistic. Was the first thing that popped into my mind when I walked into Steven ter Horst Chocolatier. Okay, maybe not. The first thing was ‘Whoa’ then simple & minimalistic. There were about 3 tables in the shop and a sofa by the window for customers to enjoy their chocolate/desserts in their shop.

I’ve noticed their booth at the Farmer’s Marker, but I’ve never tried any of their creations before.

For people watching

It was a nice 27 degree day when we visited the shop. But the biggest table they had, that was able to seat 4 people, was situated right in front of the air conditioner. And we were just freezing despite the warm weather.

GRAM Magazine

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