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Recent mail (kinda)

5 TWG postcards

I was on a postcard frenzy recently, and sent a crazy amount of postcards out to friends whom I’ve managed to keep in touch with and friends I tried to get reconnected again. Obviously, I can’t possible send every single one a postcard. I’m sorry if I didn’t get you send you one.

So, anyway, I sent a clique of friends postcards. And in return they sent me back postcards too. But, they tried to be sneaky about it. They sent one earlier than the others. So I received the first TWG postcard. And it said thanks Elaine for the postcard blablabla… Hope no one sends you the same one. Then, a couple of days later, I receive 4 other TWG cards, AT THE SAME TIME. Hills came to my room, holding up 4 TWG cards as if they were poker cards, fanning herself as she said ‘Someone’s loved’ through the side of her mouth. I burst out laughing at the fact that I just received 4 TWG postcards at one go.
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Just an ordinary afternoon

The grandma went outside to take in the laundry, but she spent ages outside. When I went out to look for her, she told me that someone had fallen onto the roof below. My first reaction was… WHAT?? Wouldn’t there be blood and guts everywhere then? EEEW! And then she told me that he was still alive.

Bird's eye view

Waiting for the firemen to get him down

And he was still alive and moving. But it looked like he broke his legs. By this time, there was a small crowd and people from the neighbouring blocks were also peeking out from the corridor.

I wonder what happened. How does one manage to get themselves on the roof of a covered walkway?? I was speculating what happened with my grandma. Did he jump? Did he drop something and was trying to get it and then fall? Did someone push him? WHAT WAS HE DOING ON THE ROOF??

That was my afternoon whilst I was being a bum.

The end.

Of white dresses and veils

Guests getting seated

I got to attend another Australian wedding. And did I mention how surreal it is to attend a wedding of someone you know that is not a friend of your parents’? As far as I can vaguely remember, most of the weddings I’ve attended (maybe, about… say… 90%) are mostly of family friends or friends of parents. Have we reached that age? I feel old.

Purple camera for me

The lovely wedding was held in the Adelaide Hills, Littlehampton, about 45 minutes to an hour’s drive from Adelaide. Guests were encouraged to take these little colourful disposable cameras to snap away during the wedding. I had a little purple one. I thought it was a lovely touch. Your own wedding from your guests’ point of view. I’d think there’ll be bound to be lots of lovely pictures, moments which you might not have been aware of.

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Say hello.

This is AA. Fellow Singaporean who’s also in Speech Pathology and the same size as me! We’re fun sized people! Woohoo! People here are huge! Haha.



The weather is starting to turn chilly.

She’s a great teacher

Met up with my English teacher today, along with JT. It was awesome to see her again and chat about what nightmares IB gave us. And about our juniors as well as our other teachers. It’s been so long!

She’s returning to Singapore (for good) soon, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again along with the other teachers (:

However, that would also mean that SSIS is going to lose an awesome teacher.

The King’s 21st

The King turns 21!

Yup, legally, he is allowed to do a lot of things without parental consent. But in reality, not very so. Anyway, he is officially an adult. And it was celebrated with… a big bang? The celebrations lasted 3 days! I think this might get a little lengthy…

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