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Photo backlog

Yorke Peninsula

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Dear Daddy,

If you were still with us here, you would have turned another year older.


You’re still sorely missed. So many things have happened since your last birthday. Today’s day 468 since you’ve been gone. Have you met Pastor Henry up there yet? We got the sudden news that he left us whilst away on a mission trip to India. I told him to give you a hug when he sees you, did you receive that hug?

Dad & Mum

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The Brown Dog Cafe

Cakes and such


Sash again

Passed by the Brown Dog Cafe a million times, but never stopped to try it.

They have a little outdoor place for people to bring their dogs. And they seem to have their fair share of regular customers. And they apparently appeared in the papers because Masterchef judges, Gary and George, were apparently ‘spotted’ there.

I used a lot of ‘apparently’s in this post.

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Grind It

Sash with her drink and food

Lamb Cutlets

Eggs Benedict

All day breakfast at Grind It. Super noms. Where have you been all my life? Why did I only find out about this place now?! I want to go back there again. So many things I want to try. And the staff there were really nice and friendly too.

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Happy Pocky Day!


For the housemates


It’s Pocky Year!

Bill Cunningham New York

I was watching this documentary on Bill Cunningham last night. And I love how down to earth and humble he is despite all his achievements. I also love the fact that he is still using a film camera.

The Eggless Halloween

At Eggless

The special Halloween menu for the night

My main purpose that night was to try their peanut butter pie thing. Eggless changes their menu monthly, and it was the last opportunity for me to try it before they changed their menu. And when we got there, they had this whole special menu thing for Halloween!

Ghosts and spider webs hanging from lights

I like how the whole place was decorated for the occasion and even all the staff was dressed up. Those who came dressed up got 10% off. We obviously didn’t, I wasn’t even aware of the whole Halloween thing going on at Eggless (I just wanted that peanut butter pie thing!)

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