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Black & White shots

Finally… like, finally finished my black and white film roll that has been sitting in my Smena 8M camera for the longest time.

Thompson Beach

Brisbane's Story Bridge


A couple of shots got exposed and destroyed because I thought I had finished winding the whole film up, but didn’t and opened up the camera…

Unprocessed film + light = bye bye pretty pictures.

Oh well… Anyway, the shots that did not get destroyed by my stupidity turned out better than expected. I was happy.

Full set on Shutterfly and Facebook.

Camera: Smena 8M, Film: Kodak BW400CN


A trip to the sunshine state

The only sunny day while I was in Queensland was probably my first day. The rest of the trip was just rainy and sad. Off to Sunshine Coast, rain. Off to Surfers Paradise, rain. It was just wet, wet, wet, rain, rain, rain.

And then none of us got a good night’s sleep throughout the trip either because of a certain couple in the shared dorm or loud drunk people or people who enjoyed talking loudly and couldn’t care less if the rest of the dorm could hear your conversation too.

Ferris wheel while the sun was setting

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The break so far…

Red lanterns

The sunshine state wasn’t being very sunny while we were there 😦

More photos when I feel not-so-dead.