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Happy National Day to you too. Pfft.

Singapore’s National Day came and gone (it was yesterday). I got the following email from my brother:

Mum & my brother watching the National Day parade (below in the background) at Ritz Carlton

Wah lao. Enjoying THE life, and then come rubbing it IN MY FACE. Did you notice the last line?



Too bad, you know.

Not even, like, we’ll go again the next time you’re here, or something. I feel so loved. (Sarcasm x 1000)

My reply:

Because miso mature

And to end this… Here’s another picture that I received on Whatsapp…


Happy (belated) National Day to all the Singaporeans who are away from home (like me), and who have families who rub it in your faces (like mine).


Mmmm… grapes.

Nom, nom, nom

So tired. Never ending assignment load. Internet that finally got fixed and is finally (kinda) working properly like it should. Exam that was just horrible, horrible. Gah.

Some things I dread to see…

Depressed x 1000

One of the many reasons why I haven’t been updating this space. The internet was crawling, and I was clawing at my screen.

It only just returned back to its usual speed today.

It’s back to the sunny island

The whole whirlwind of exams, then packing up and then now I’m back in Singapore again for the summer break.

The day after my last exam was a busy day helping Hills with the preparation of food for her Thanksgiving dinner. Which resulted in a heap of really yummy food, and leftovers which kinda fed me the next few days while I was packing up for the summer. Oh, and vacuum bags are really, really useful to help you save space. Especially if you’re a uni student, staying on campus and have to move out of your room every summer break. Vacuum bags help you fit stuff you otherwise wouldn’t be able to fit in your small storage space you’ve been allocated.

Slipping into a food coma after eating too much during Thanksgiving

Fringe is getting too long, it really needs to be trimmed. And I think my Macbook is acting funny. Maybe it’s the humidity? Eeks.

View out the window

The flight back to Singapore was okay. I was seated all the way at the back of the plane. Literally, in the last row. Didn’t get a good night’s sleep during my last night in Adelaide because…

  1. I was sleeping on a bare bed because I had already packed up all my sheets, pillows and quilt
  2. It was quite a chilly night, plus sleeping on a bare bed… I woke up almost every hour.

So, I dozed off while watching a movie on the flight.

Landed at Changi, and got out pretty quickly, and then was told by my mother that I looked like I’ve put on weight 😦 And then the grandma said that I looked like I’ve lost weight 🙂 But really, there hasn’t been a change in my weight, I weighed myself after I finished weighing all my luggages. Hahaha.

The familiar metal gate

Right now, I am nua-ing in front of the TV and in order for me to find a particular channel, I have to scroll through all the channels because Starhub decided confuse me by changing the numbers for the different channels. I feel so lost!

Was also picking out junk food from NTUC earlier, and was shuffled and pushed around. Like seriously? I thought Singaporeans were more courteous than that. Instead of the usual ‘Excuse me’, I just got pushed aside to make way. Tsk. What happened while I was gone, people?? Is that why the Courtesy Lion is back out in business again?

Okay, am going to steal the TV back from the grandma now. Hehehe.

Here’s to hoping I pass

I just finished my oral exam, and I was a nervous-wreck. I hope I pass! And here’s some pictures to calm my nerves…

Straw! Awesome for drinking Ribena with

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Ugh, exams

Brain. About to explode.

Must. Maintain. Sanity. Must.

Somehow managed to exceed internet cap, yet again. I must say I am therefore extremely amazing. My cap is 30gb, in case you were wondering.

3 down, 3 to go. 3 down, 3 to go!






That’s pretty much what my brain is saying right now.

Hope I don’t die before I finish all 6 papers. Yes, 6. Cry with me now. 😦