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Number 1 or 2?

KSL came over to do an eye test on Sash and I for her uni assignment.

First in a dark room

It started out in my room, with the lights off except for the lamp by my bed. Something about looking at the light refracting in our eyes/pupils, then figuring out how blind we are what our eye power is.

Even though Sash has massive eyes, we found out that she has really small pupils, which made things a little bit trickier for KSL. So, Sash has small pupils and I have close set eyes.

Fancy some funky glasses?

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Just breathe

The seniors made this and sent it to me

I am calm. But I’m not studying. Oops. Hahahaha.

Janice’s celebratory cupcakes

One for each of us


 To celebrate us finishing our assignments. Like, finally. Haha.

Exams – Great time to get songs stuck in your head

Because you know, during exams, instead of the whatever you just read repeating itself in your head, songs just keep replaying itself instead. Not. Helping.


Mmmm… grapes.

Nom, nom, nom

So tired. Never ending assignment load. Internet that finally got fixed and is finally (kinda) working properly like it should. Exam that was just horrible, horrible. Gah.

In the holiday mood

Work that should probably be done

In the slacking mood. But… assignments call. Noooo…! Hungry but the newbie is cooking, so I can’t use the stove. Maybe I’ll go organise my iTunes now. Hmm…


Listening to my mum explain to people who visit what is happening to my dad’s brain because of the tumor, is like my neuroscience exam all over again. Not exactly the experience I want to re-live.

Neuroscience = nightmare of a lifetime. Sort of.