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Week 12 of semester 2!

Week 11 may not have been one of my busiest weeks (since starting uni), despite the fact that I was procrastinating doing one of my assignments, but I still feel so tired from it. Anyway, week 11 of sem 2 ended on a happy note. Only because at the end of that week, there were a few things that made me smile. Continue reading


Hello high school

Hello Yunan

Hello Yunnan

Everyone seems to be reminiscing our high school days. So I felt partially obligated to post something about high school. Haha.

Flo and Mr Donkey

Flo dropped by Singapore. It’s been a long time since the 4 of us gathered around like this. Been more than a year, according to Flo.

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She’s a great teacher

Met up with my English teacher today, along with JT. It was awesome to see her again and chat about what nightmares IB gave us. And about our juniors as well as our other teachers. It’s been so long!

She’s returning to Singapore (for good) soon, so hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again along with the other teachers (:

However, that would also mean that SSIS is going to lose an awesome teacher.

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