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Tasmania in the summer (Part 4)

View from Mount Wellington

All I remember from day 5 was that we went up Mount Wellington and then meeting Dan C for dinner and desserts. I apologise for the poorly stitched panorama shot of the view from Mount Wellington, plus it was a gloomy day. When we got to the peak, it was so cloudy we couldn’t see anything. We were practically in the clouds, literally. And it was crazy windy. It was a quick rush out of the car, quick snaps snaps and then back into the car. Down the mountain, look for a spot with less clouds and trees, snap snap and then back down the mountain again.

After that we went to meet Dan C for dinner. And I was welcomed to Hobart with a bottle of Ribena (thank you!). It seems my addiction to Ribena is also well known interstate and possibly internationally amongst friends of friends of friends… Hmm. (PS. Dan C, that bottle of Ribena’s almost gone.)

After dinner I was then presented with a Momo mug (Momo is Hobart’s only bubble tea store?) and a roll of slide film (thank you)! Yay for slide film and cross processing! And thanks Dan C for meeting up with us and suggesting places we should try to visit. 🙂

Day 6 was spent in Richmond, a small town just out of Hobart.

What Hobart used to look like

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Tasmania in the summer (Part 3)

Day 4 was spent on Bruny Island. Where the population is 600 and the island is about the size of Singapore. Singapore, is a country with a population of about 5 million. I reckoned that we could fit the whole Bruny Island’s population in one of our HDB buildings and maybe still have room to spare.

Driving onto the ferry

You can get to Bruny Island from Hobart via ferry. You drive your car onto the ferry and you pay a price according to what you’re driving, regardless of how many people’s in the car. After a short ferry ride, you’re on Bruny Island!

Our main objective was to get to the lighthouse, which was on the other side of the island. The roads on Bruny Island are really easy to navigate and it’s not easy to get lost because, it’s basically one main road that goes about the whole island with the occasional turn. The most, you stick to the same road and make a round about the island. It’s not that big anyway.

Lighthouse ahead

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Tasmania in the summer (Part 2)

Fruit farm!

Day three in Tasmania was spent between Sorell Fruit Farm and Port Arthur.

We headed out bright and early, and our first stop was the Sorell Fruit Farm as it was on our way to Port Arther. At the fruit farm, you pay for a punnet and you get to stuff as many fruits as you can into it and bring home. You get to pick whatever fruits that were in season at the time. While we were there, heaps of berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and berries names I can’t remember), peaches and cherries were in season.


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Tasmania in the summer (Part 1)

This space has been so neglected, it’s not even funny. I’m sorry I’ve been way more occupied in Singapore than to sit down edit pictures and come up with an entry. I mean, how can I pass up on yummy Singaporean deliciousness (as in food). Right?

As such, I’ve forgotten how I had originally intended this blog entry to be like. I had it all planned out in my head and everything. And then food was placed in front of me, and then I forgot everything. Go me!

So anyway, I spent a couple of days in Hobart during the summer break before returning to Singapore. Here’s what we did during our second day. Our first day only consisted of dinner, a little bit of exploring and then sleep.

The glass elevator that takes you 3 floors into the ground

Recommended by a friend of a friend. We headed to Mona, which is really this area in Hobart which is entirely owned by this really rich guy. It has a hotel/resort/chalet, restaurant, vineyard, winery and a museum. The museum is basically an art museum where he stores his art collection. It was pretty cool because the museum was situated in a cliff. Three whole levels. INSIDE A CLIFF. I think the owner basically thought ‘I’ve got all these art work. Where should I store them? I know! I shall just dig into that cliff I own and store them all there!’

Not gonna lie. Being three levels into a cliff was kinda cool. Being a non-resident of Tasmania, we had to pay a small entrance fee. You were then given an iTouch which had been formated especially for the museum. As you moved through different parts of the museum, you press this ‘Where am I’ button, it senses where you are, and then comes up with a list of art works that you’re close to. You get to read up about the works, who the artists were, what the owner thought about it and blablabla. And then it kinda remembers your route around the museum and you can get it emailed to you.

My route

It also allowed you to vote whether you liked the artwork or not.
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