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The market that was


It was one of the few days that we had to ourselves, so Hills and I thought that we’d visit the Brickworks Market. We heard that it used to be the go-to place during the weekend. Unfortunately, time took its toll, and the place got old (literally) and business started to falter.

The place was obviously a far cry from its glory days. Only a small number of shops were left. Many of them have moved their businesses somewhere else. It was quiet and almost vacant. Whatever shops were left, were scattered around different areas of the relatively large piece of land. This made it seem quieter than it actually was.

The area with the most hustle and bustle, was where the fresh food stores were.

A poster store

Such a shame. The place had a lovely charm, a little bit of restoration might help bring back its heydays.


Recent mail (kinda)

5 TWG postcards

I was on a postcard frenzy recently, and sent a crazy amount of postcards out to friends whom I’ve managed to keep in touch with and friends I tried to get reconnected again. Obviously, I can’t possible send every single one a postcard. I’m sorry if I didn’t get you send you one.

So, anyway, I sent a clique of friends postcards. And in return they sent me back postcards too. But, they tried to be sneaky about it. They sent one earlier than the others. So I received the first TWG postcard. And it said thanks Elaine for the postcard blablabla… Hope no one sends you the same one. Then, a couple of days later, I receive 4 other TWG cards, AT THE SAME TIME. Hills came to my room, holding up 4 TWG cards as if they were poker cards, fanning herself as she said ‘Someone’s loved’ through the side of her mouth. I burst out laughing at the fact that I just received 4 TWG postcards at one go.
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Tofu face

For the longest time, Hills and I have been trying to find out what this tofu face thing means:

Tofu face?

We’ve been seeing it everywhere, mostly in the city, and then it showed up on campus at uni. And we were like huh? Is it suppose to stand for something?

And today! I’ve finally found out what it is! It is really an art piece by street artist, Peter Drew. (Click here to find out more about the face)

And then as I was scrolling through his website, I realised that I’ve actually seen several of his work around Adelaide city. Now when I see them, I will actually know that it’s something by Peter Drew. πŸ™‚

Dear Daddy,

If you were still with us here, you would have turned another year older.


You’re still sorely missed. So many things have happened since your last birthday. Today’s day 468 since you’ve been gone. Have you met Pastor Henry up there yet? We got the sudden news that he left us whilst away on a mission trip to India. I told him to give you a hug when he sees you, did you receive that hug?

Dad & Mum

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Bill Cunningham New York

I was watching this documentary on Bill Cunningham last night. And I love how down to earth and humble he is despite all his achievements. I also love the fact that he is still using a film camera.


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Being Elmo

I really wanna see this!