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Quiet good byes

Today was my last day at work.

My workstation at the new office

My workstation at the new office

It was quiet good byes and well wishes from the people I’ve been working with. And I unfortunately left behind one of my christmas gifts from a colleague! Sigh. I thought the cow looked cute! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back soon. Boohoo.

I think I might actually miss that little corner of mine. Although, my last day was a little hectic, with me trying to get as much done as possible. Everyone in the department was really nice and all. It’s kinda sad to leave all these nice people. But I’m kinda looking forward to not waking up early in the morning and getting out of bed only in the afternoon. Heh.

Hard at work yo.

Messy hair

Yeah, I always look disheveled at work because I’m usually too busy to bother about how I look.

Hello holiday (:



I came to work this morning to find out that the Manager brought some Maple Syrup Cookies from Canada! She was back there for the holidays to spend Christmas and all with her family. And oh boy, were they awesome!



I could taste the maple syrup in every bite! I couldn’t stop munching on them and my colleagues had to stop me, almost resorting to restraining me in fact. Heh. But they were so, so good! Some found it too sweet though, but I thought they were yummy. I’ve never had maple syrup cookies before, so I was kinda thinking ‘How come I’ve never got to taste something like this till now?!’.

The Manager just flew back to Canada again for personal reasons and she said she’ll bring more of those cookies back because I said they were good. But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be working at the office anymore by the time she comes back. Sigh. I’ll be missing those cookies. ):

Bah bye office

It’s been a really hectic few weeks for me with the office move and all going on. Plus stressing over my preparation for my studies and juggling work was no mean feat, especially since the move has been causing me to stay back late at the office. I was so, so tired. Am still tired now, in fact.

It was boxes everywhere, dust flying and oh-the-mess!

With  a department so small, I don’t understand why we have so many boxes! Seriously, the whole place was flooded with boxes from HR at the end of the day. Sigh.

Next week onwards, it’s work at the new office.

Muddle head or what

Ok, I’m currently semi-buried under cupboard boxes, files and loads of documents. The move is this Friday, major packing tomorrow and still lots of documents and files that are demanding my attention.

Yesterday my phone was buried under some files and I got a scare because I thought I lost it. Although, it’s the blue Samsung that I don’t really enjoy using, it’s still better than being without a mobile phone! Then today, my access slip out of its card holder on my lanyard and has been missing in action ever since. I feel so lost without it.

I’m afraid I might soon get lost in this paper jungle of an office soon. Eeeks.

Ok, lots to do.

Pictures from when I was a photographer for a day

Tiredness is taking over my body.

When I point a camera at you, say cheese!

When I point a camera at you, say cheese!

Love the pictures from the DSLR camera. The way it takes in the colours and lights. NICE! Kinda different from a compact digital camera, it seems to take in a lot more detail or something. No wonder it costs more too, huh.

They asked me to take the food too.

They asked me to take the food too.

More pictures up on Facebook! Click here to see! Oh, and one last picture of my proud work:

Balloon dog

Balloon dog

Ok, I’m dead tired from work now. Been swamped by documents the whole of today, plus packing for the office move… Sigh. The past few weeks has been a super tiring week for me, been busy helping prepare for the soft launch of the new office, packing for the move and pre-move, juggling admin work in the department, blablabla. It was one hair-pulling week(s). I mean seriously, I’m no superwoman (although I have this superman t-shirt), need to recuperate! But the madness is far from over. Gah.

Itching to get a new camera, unfortunately I hear the wallet protesting. Still need to get a new phone and Ipod, one died and the other dying. Boo. All my gadgets are giving up on me! Why, why, why? Ok, I’ll go sulk in a corner now. Heh.

My phone just went kapoot ): and another balloon entry

I guess my phone’s lifespan is almost up. I should have guessed from the symptoms it displayed from before where it would suddenly switch off by itself for no apparent reason, or just suddenly restart itself. But then after a while, it returned to normal and never displayed such symptoms again. Today, the whole thing went crazy, making it almost impossible for me to use without feeling nauseous.

Cranky screen

See, the screen is all messed up. And this is the the standby screen that I see when I flip open my phone, and when I press to see the menu, the screen starts scrolling from right to left which makes me feel really dizzy when I try to navigate about my phone to say… send a message.

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The year’s almost done!

The year 2008 is almost over, and I think I’m going to miss it. I think I spent the whole of this year… not studying. Like wow, that’s a first! A whole year off studying! Anyway, it’s not like I’m not studying and doing nothing but rot at home, growing fat in front of the TV. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been working. Heh. And today, I had to cover receptionist duties again for the… I-don’t-know-what time. Think it’s the 4th time. I don’t think I’m a great receptionist, let’s just say… I don’t think I’m an outgoing person, so I don’t really know what to do with strangers, be it face-to-face or on the phone. So yeah… I think it’s a rather stressful to be a receptionist! Gah.

While I was downstairs playing receptionist, I’m unable to access my office email, so it kinda means I can’t do as much. Thus more free time! Yay, so I took the time to catch-up a little on the book I’ve been trying to finish.

Behind the counter

Behind the counter

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