The Melbourne List

You know how when you’re out and about doing everyday things, like grocery shopping – somewhat mundane everyday things. Then you walk/drive by what seems to be an interesting eatery to try out, you add it to you mental list of places to eat at. You tell your friend that, hey, we should definitely check that place out sometime! And then, when the occasion arises to actually visit one of these places, you can’t – for the life of you – remember what those places were? Well… yeah. That happened to me. So what a friend and I did, was to create a Google Doc file shared between the two of us. Sash has appropriately named it the ‘Let’s get fat’ List. This is our Melbourne list.

I update the list from time to time whenever we find somewhere new to go. If we eventually get to visit any of the places above, I’ll try to blog about it and link the post to the names listed.

In no particular order…


  1. Mart 130
  2. Deadman’s Espresso
  3. Crafternoon Cafe
  4. Earls Canteen
  5. Proud Mary’s
  6. 3 Bags Full
  7. Brother Baba Budan
  8. Bomb Cafe


  1. Seamstress
  2. Sushi Ten
  3. Izakaya Den
  4. Sushi Burger
  5. Huxtaburger
  6. Greasy Joes
  7. Mrs Parmas
  8. Ying Thai 2
  9. My Mexican Cousin
  10. The Palace/Guhng/Gung


  1. Baker D.Chirico
  2. Vonhaus
  3. Maxim’s eggtarts
  4. Fraus
  5. Waffle Cart

Last update: 26 October 2012


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